Degree Requirements

By-Law Governing Graduation Requirement for Master’s Program

Graduate Institute of Law and Government, National Central University


I. Duration for Study:

Students should complete their study in no less than one year and no more than four years.


II. Curriculum and Course Requirement:

A.    Minimum required credits for graduation is 33.

B.     In the first three semesters, students must take at least 6 credits and no more than 12 credits for each semester.

C.     Student should complete the internship course and pass the oral defense of dissertation before graduate.


III. Dissertation:

A.    Students may select their dissertation advisor by the third semester of their master’s program and register their selection with the Faculty Office. In the event of a change in dissertation advisor (s), students must report the change to the Faculty Office.

B.     Dissertation proposal should be approved by the advisor after review, and submit the approved certificate to the Faculty Office.


IV.   Degree Examination

A.    Students are permitted to conduct the oral defense of their dissertation after submit the approved certificate of their dissertation proposal.

B.    The oral defense is conducted by a committee of 3 to 5 faculty members (dissertation advisor included).

C.    Students should register their oral defense date with the Faculty Office one month prior to the oral defense. The oral defense should be conducted during the semester.


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