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 Institute of Law and Government was founded in August, 2006, which is the first professional institute of legal and political studies after National Central University was officially relocated in Taiwan. ILG is also the only graduate school that thoroughly combines the research of law and government in northern Taiwan. Traditional legal or political studies are no longer suitable for the world in the age of globalization. When it comes to public affairs, the government needs comprehensive visions and well-designed projects not only to improve the quality and effectiveness of policies, but also to achieve the ideal of rule of law. ILG is the platform to develop unique perspectives and solutions, including analyses of policies and legal issues in the public sector, factors behind policies, and effects of budgetary and organizational changes toward law and its implementation. Research results of ILG will also provide feedbacks to government policies.

 Three areas are underscored in ILG: enhancing research of legal and political studies, comprehensive integration of law and government studies, thorough inspections of interactions among law, government, and society in public issues. Through cultivation of professional ethics and combination of theoretical and empirical research, ILG will nurture leaders in the field of law and government.

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