Degree Requirements

Chair Professor

Title English Name Degree Degree Field of Specialty
Chair Professor Yu-Shan Wu Ph.D., UC Berkeley Mainland China Studies,
Russian & East European Studies,
Comparative Political & Economic Transformations in (ex) Socialist Countries,
Ethnic Politics,
International Relations Theories


Title English Name Degree Degree Field of Specialty
Professor In-Chin Chen Dr. jur., Heidelberg University, Germany Constitutional Law,
Administrative Procedure Law,
Administrative Remedy,
Bioethics and Law
Professor Chuen-jen Yang Dr. jur., Goettingen University, Germany Business Law,
Affiliated Company Law,
Company Law,
Securities Exchange Law,
Competition Law,Sociology of Law
Professor Chang-hwai Wang Ph.D., Sociology,University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA Gender and Public Policy,
Domestic Violence and Sexual Assaults,
Sexual Assaults Prevention and Treatment,
Trauma and Therapy
Professor Way Sun Ph.D., Public Policy Analysis in the University of Maryland, USA Public Policy Analysis,
Nonprofit Organization,
Human Resource Policy and Management,
Theories and Practice of Public Administration
Kuo-yun Chung Ph.D., National Taiwan University,
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Paris 2, France
Constitutional Law,
Administrative Law,
Comparative Constitution and Government,
Professor Kuang-chun Li Ph.D., Sociology, University of Texas at Austin, USA Ethnic Relations,
Social Science Research Method,
Medical Sociology
Professor Yun-Hsiang Hsu Ph.D., John Glenn School of Public Affairs, The Ohio State University, USA Performance Management,
Collaborative Governance, Labour,
Associate Professor Tzu-Te Wen J.S.D.,University of Illinoisat Urbana-Champaign, USA Law of Criminal Procedure,
Criminal Law


Title English Name Degree Degree Field of Specialty
Professor Anthony Houh Hwang MA, Ph.D. Fu. Jen Catholic University,
M. Phil. in Educational Studies, University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Public Philosophy,Research Seminar: Public Ethics,
Human Rights and Justice,
Applied Ethics
Professor Chung-li Wu Ph. D., Political Science, University of New Orleans, USA American Politics (Political Institutions),
International Relations,
Urban and Minority Politics,
Comparative Politics


Title English Name Degree Degree Field of Specialty
Professor Hsu, Chen-Hsiung Ph.D., Chinese Culture University Intellectual Property Rights,
Scienctific and Technological Law
Associate Professor Chuang-shi Chang Ph.D., University of Paris Second, France European Politics,
International Politics,
Home Rule,
Public Administration and Management
Associate Professor Wu-Lung Yang Ph.D. in Political Science, National Taiwan University Public Administration,
Local Government and Politics,
Public Personal Management,
U.S Administrative Law.
Assistant Professor Tzu-Hui Wu Dr. Jur Universitat Tubingen Civil Law,
Labor Law
Assistant Professor Tai-Shan Chiu Ph.D., National Taiwan University Civil law practices,
Criminal law,
Juridical system,
Law-making policy,
Mainland policy and legal system
Assistant Professor Ching-Hsiu Chuang Ph.D., National Taiwan University Civil law,
Criminal law,
Code of Civil Procedure,
Physicians Act
Assistant Professor Kai-Ping Su J.S.D., University of California, Berkeley, USA Criminal Justice,
Law and Society,
Comparative Law,
Criminal Procedure,

Corresponding Faculty

Title English Name Degree Degree Field of Specialty
Corresponding Research Fellow Hae Na Kim Ph.D.,College of Education and Human Ecology, The Ohio State University, USA Workforce Development & Education
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